What we offer

We offer handmade traditional Filipino desserts that include Ube. We do pop-up events and custom orders for pick-up, as we currently do not have a physical store.

Our menu consists of Ube Tarts, Ube Tart Cookies, Ube Pannacotta, Ube Palitaw, Ube Tres Leches, and Ube Alfajores.

Logo Meaning

We wanted a logo that would look simple yet strong, so we reached out to a friend that we know for sure can make our vision for the logo come alive. Albert Custodio, a local artist back home (Tagkawayan, Philippines), created the logo behind Ube Co. HTX. We told him we wanted people to feel the island life vibe just by looking at our logo. Not only does the sun portray the vibe we wanted, but it is also a representation of our heritage as Filipinos, born and raised. Albert used the sun in the Philippine flag so that people can associate our logo as being Filipino-owned. We also hope that every time our Ubelievers see us or taste our product, we radiate the same warmth that the sun gives: a warm feeling of happiness.


Our goal is to spread our love of food and our Filipino roots through Ube homemade goods. We wish to share with the world Filipino desserts we grew up loving and build a community we can call family. 

We plan to expand our small business to one day include merchandise and perhaps a permanent physical location.  

What is Ube?

Ube (pronounced OO-beh) is a purple yam that originated from the Philippines. Although the exterior is similar to Taro, Ube has a bright purple interior. Ube is sweet with a slightly nutty, vanilla taste.

who we are

We started Ube Co HTX. to spread the wonders of Ube and delicious Filipino food.


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